Volunteer Spotlight

The debut of the “Celeste Prather ‘Bulldog’ Award was made at the April 14 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Celeste Prather organized the creation of CASA for Hunt County in 2002. She remained as this program’s Executive Director until September 2015. She now is a Quality Assurance Specialist with Texas CASA.

This award, which will be given annually, is for fierce, determined, loyal, courageous volunteer advocacy for children. The recipient of the Celeste Prather ‘Bulldog’ Award was CASA volunteer Andy Yates, who truly and steadfastly exhibits each of the award’s named characteristics. He works very hard to find, and then drive towards, the best interests of his CASA kids.

Pictured with Andy is “Dorothy” (current CASA for Hunt County executive director Lori Cope), who presented Andy with the award during the “There’s No Place Like Home”-themed Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

andy award