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Our 2022 Celeste Prather ‘Guard Dog’ Award Winner!

A photo of Sarah Jones holding the Celeste Prather Guard Dog Award

Sarah Jones has been a CASA volunteer advocate since September 2021. Sarah is a passionate and high-effective CASA volunteer.

In consideration for this award was a case she worked from October 2021 until it concluded with the adoption of this child in February 2023:  Sarah was the true epitome of a CASA throughout the entirety of the child’s journey to finding his forever family. 

Not only did Sarah visit with the child in his multiple placements and maintain regular contact with the involved adults 

in his life to ensure that his needs were met, but she took him on an outing that fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams, attended his field day at school and his birthday party, and even arranged for his dog to be placed with him in his foster home. Later, the CASA took in his childhood dog when his adoptive parents couldn’t keep her so that the child wouldn’t lose that connection/bond.